A whale is now trapped in the virtual waters of CityVille and it’s our goal to save the poor animal by completing the Whale Rescue missions in CityVille and perform some brave rescue operation to not only save the trapped whale, but also reunite it with her lost babies.

I am here to share with you a complete guide to the Whale Rescue feature and missions, so check out the requirements and rewards below!

All Tangled Up!
– Save Mama Whale from the Level 1 Seaweed
– Reunite Mama Whale with 1 Baby
– Ask friends for 12 Golfdish
Rewards: 2 Zoning Permits, 50,000 coins

Double Trouble
– Collect from 10 Whale Rescue Buildings
– Reunite Mama Whale with 2 Babies
– Save Mama Whale from the Level 3 Seaweed
Rewards: 4 Zoning Permits, 200 XP

One Happy Family
– Ask friends for 20 Barrels of Fish
– Complete Save Mama Whale
– Reunite Mama Whale with All 4 Babies
Rewards: 6 Zoning Permits, 500,000 coins

Good luck saving the mother whale in CityVille!