Bella is back in CityVille and she feels that now is the right time to improve the shopping experience in our city. Therefore, she’s challenging us with three new missions that we must complete as soon as possible: the Better Shopping Bureau missions, and I am here to share with you the requirements and rewards for completing them.

You Can Bank On It!
– Collect 20 Shopping Bags
– Collect from 10 Banks
– Send 30 Ships to New York
Rewards: 10 Energy

No Free Rides
– Collect 25 Shopping Bags
– Collect from Thrift Shops 35 Times
– Use 10 Taxis
Rewards: unknown

Miss Popularity
– Increase Population by 2,000
– Collect 50 Receipts
– Collect from 25 Cars
Rewards: Unknown

And these are the Better Shopping Bureau missions. I hope you have a great time completing them!