Christmas is coming to CityVille and we have to prepare to give Santa a warm welcome with the Holiday Arrival missions in CityVille. I am here to share with you all the details about this new set of goals, so check them out below and have fun completing the new mission series!

Holiday Arrival
– Harvest 50 Candy Canes
– Collect from 20 Neighborhoods
– Collect from 40 Fashion Businesses
Rewards: 50,000 coins and 3 energy

Winter Splendor
– Ask neighbors for 18 Snowflakes
– Collect from 50 Neighbors’ Homes
– Collect from 20 Locomotive Lori Routes
Rewards: 300 XP and 2,500 Goods

Holiday Party
– Harvest 50 Mistletoe
– Collect from 40 Restaurant Businesses
– Collect 40 Tree Toppers
Rewards: unknown

And these are the Holiday Arrival missions in CityVille. Now you are ready for Santa’s visit!


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