ChefVille started to go on the known path of Cafe World with the catering orders being there to offer us some diversity and a brand new challenge in the game. One for the Kiddies is the latest catering order released in the game and I am here to share with you the details about it.

We’ll start with what’s required from you to complete this new catering order, so check out the details below:

– Cook 50 Hamburgers
– Cook 8 Cheese Pizzas
– Cook 5 Meat Lover’s Pizzas
– Cook 20 Veggie Dishes
– Collect 45 Milk

Most of the dishes here are ready very fast – in just a few minutes – meaning that it shouldn’t take you long to complete this catering order in ChefVille if you are very active. However, you might be in some trouble if you use to log in just once per day, since we only have 2 days to complete the One for the Kiddies catering order.

You can also bring in five of your neighbors to help you complete the tasks faster, and it is clearly something that you should do to make sure that you get the gold medal and as a result get rewarded with 2 Birthday Tables.