It’s time to start the Halloween saga in CityVille with three new Halloween 2012 acts in the game challenging us to complete various challenges in order to get our cities ready for Halloween. I am here to share with you the details about the two released missions of the CityVille Halloween 2012 Act 1 and hopefully you’ll have a great time completing them.

Here are the CityVille Halloween 2012 Act 1 missions:

Deadly Decor
– Apply Halloween Theme
– Upgrade Zombie Safe House to earn Ghost Population
– Increase Ghost Population by 3,500
Rewards: Dracula’s Carriage

We’re On the Scare!
– Upgrade Spectral TV to earn Ghost Population
– Collect 10 Transylvania Tourist Train Jobs
– Collect 25 Black Roses
Rewards: 250 XP and 5 Zoning Permits

And this is it for now for the Halloween 2012 celebrations in CityVille, but more will follow shortly.