With the release of the Lakefront expansion prepared for CityVille, Zynga has released a new “Saga,” a set of missions grouped into acts and released prior to the full release of the expansion. Today we can work on the Lakefront Saga Act 1 missions and I am here to share with you the details about them, so check them out below.

Here are the requirements and rewards for the CityVille Lakefront Saga Act 1 missions:

Cruise Control
– Ask friends for 10 Cruiser Bikes
– Supply 10 Lakefront Businesses
– Increase your Vacationer Population by 1,000
Rewards: 100,000 coins

Give a Whistle
– Ask friends for 15 Duck Whistles
– Harvest 50 Lakefront Crops
– Increase your Vacationer Population by 2,500
Rewards: 15 energy

Without a Paddle
– Collect 20 Rowboats
– Complete the Drawbridge
– Increase your Vacationer Population by 5,000
Rewards: Lakefront Museum

And these are the three missions that you have to complete for the Lakefront Saga Act 1 in CityVille. Stay with us for details on the upcoming two acts which should be released soon!


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