It’s time to start exploring the space in CityVille, with Zynga releasing today the Space Shuttle Missions (and in order to have access to them, you must have completed the Space Shuttle first). But if you have everything set for space exploration, it’s time to start doing it by completing a new series of missions (not as in “goals”, but real space missions) from Zynga – the Space Shuttle missions.

Check the details about the Space Shuttle missions, their requirements and rewards below:

Moon Mission
Requires: 10 Rocket Fuel
Time needed: 10 Minutes
Rewards: 1,000 coins, 50 Goods, 5 Rocket Fuel, 1 Moon Dust
3-Star Mastery Reward: Space Shuttle Simulator

Mars Mission
Requires: 15 Rocket Fuel
Time needed: 31 Minutes
Rewards: 2,000 coins, 100 Goods, 5 Rocket Fuel, 5 Star Fuel, 1 Mars Dust
3-Star Mastery Reward: Space Cantina

Jupiter Mission
Requires: 10 Star Fuel
Time needed: 60 Minutes
Rewards: 4,000 coins, 200 Goods, 5 Rocket Fuel, 2 Star Fuel, 2 Sun Fuel, 1 Jupiter Dust
3-Star Mastery Reward: Space Academy

Saturn Mission
Requires: 25 Star Fuel
Time needed: 2 Hours
Rewards: 7,500 coins, 250 Goods, 5 Rocket Fuel, 5 Star Fuel, 5 Sun Fuel, 1 Saturn Dust
3-Star Mastery Reward: World Fair Statue

Sun Mission
Requires: 25 Sun Fuel
Time needed: 8 Hours
Rewards: 15,000 coins, 300 Goods, 5 Rocket Fuel, 5 Star Fuel, 5 Sun Fuel, 1 Sun Rock
3-Star Mastery Reward: Centennial Cardinal Base

Unfortunately, this is not as exciting as I hoped it would be – I was actually hoping that we’d be able to build some sort of colony on another planet and start a city there too. But apparently Zynga is not as sci-fi as I am and instead we have a different approach to the Space Shuttle feature which I am sure will please many.