Howdy, farmers! Zynga has decided to release a very interesting feature today in FarmVille, the Gas Pump. With the fuel prices going up in the real world, we can only enjoy the new Gas Pump in FarmVille – and I am sure that nobody will complain!

Basically, the Gas Pump is a new buildable that has four stages and that can be harvested every day for some free fuel. The maximum amount is 4 cans of fuel per day, but I am sure that many will agree that it’s a lot better than nothing!

As I said, there are 4 build stages for the FarmVille Gas Pump (Stage 1 giving us 1 Fuel and then the quantity increases to stage 4 where we receive 4 cans). Each stage requires us to collect a few materials from our friends and the requirements will surely not be too tough!

For starters, for example, we will need 10 each of Fuel Gauge, Sheet Steel and Steam Pipe. So get to work and get that Gas Pump built on your farm!