Apparently, we can never have enough soup in Cafe World and we need more. The more we have, the better, so it’s time for us to help chef Bruno get some new Soup recipes in the game by completing the More Soup Quest in Cafe World. I am here to share with you all the details about this new quest, so check out the easy requirements below:

Cafe World More Soup Quest
– Ask for 2 Soup Stock
– Serve 15 Random Dishes
– Ask for 2 Pots

The reward for completing the More Soup missions in Cafe World (it’s a total of 8 goals, all listed below) is pretty cool, culminating with a 50% Stove.

Now here are the names of the other missions for which I don’t have the details yet:

Quest 2: Brought to a Boil
Quest 3: Steaming Hot
Quest 4: The Love of Soup
Quest 5: Food for the Soul
Quest 6: The Broth of Life
Quest 7: A Hearty Mix
Quest 8: Soup’s On!

Good luck getting all the new soup in Cafe World!