Alongside the Blue Carnival Missions in Cafe World, Zynga has also launched the Red Carnival missions for us to complete in the main Carnival event in the game. This time, we will have to complete 15 quests in order to finish the event and we will be rewarded with a main reward of a new 50% Ultra Stove and a spice bundle if we do it.

I am sure you are curious to find out everything about the Red Carnival missions in Cafe World, so read on the details below!

Games Galore! mission
– Place Red Carnival Tent
– Ask for 4 Nails
– Ask for 4 Hammers
Reward: 200 Cafe Points, 1,000 Cafe Coins

Top Attractions mission
– Complete Red Carnival Tent
– Serve or ask for a random 8hr dish 15 times
– Ask for 4 Empty Milk Bottles
Reward: Chicken on a Stick recipe

Dunk Tank! mission
– Ask for 5 Dunk Tanks
– Serve or ask for Chicken on a Stick 25 times
– Serve or ask for a random 10hr dish 30 times
Reward: 3 Mastery Mints

Winning Ribbons mission
– Ask for 7 First Place Ribbons
– Serve 35 random dishes
– Ask for 7 second place ribbons

Blasting Bottles mission
– Complete Stage 7 of Make Cotton Candy
– Serve 40 Random dishes
– Ask for 8 Soft Balls
Rewards: Unlock Pizza cone recipe

Tossing Darts Mission
– Serve 46 Pizza Cones
– Ask for 9 Balloons
– Ask for 9 Darts

King of the Ring mission
– Ask for 9 Ring Toss Rings
– Serve 50 Random Dishes
– Ask for 9 Ring Toss Bottles

I want Candy Mission
– Ask for 10 Candy
– Serve 55 Random Dishes
– Ask for 10 Gum
Rewards: Unlock Salt Water Taffies

Fun Reflections mission
– Ask for 10 Fun House Mirrors
– Serve 55 Salt Water Taffies
– Serve 60 random dishes

Ferris Fun mission
– Complete Stage 10 of Make Cotton Candy
– Serve 65 random dishes
– Ask for 11 Power Generators

Bump Bump mission
– Ask for 11 Dabric for Chairs
– Serve 70 random dishes
– Ask for 11 Paint for Cars
Rewards: 6 Onehour Thyme

Rolling around mission
– Serve 12 random dishes
– Ask for 75 Nails
– Ask for 12 Hammers

Good luck completing the Red Carnival missions in Cafe World!