Now it’s time to put the new recipe that we’ve learned from completing the Business Upgrade I catering order in Cafe World to good use and complete the Business Upgrade II catering order, a slightly more challenging quest than the previous one, but one that we’ll certainly love to complete nevertheless. I am here to share with you all the details about the Business Upgrade II catering order, so let’s start with the requirements:

– Serve Crawfish Etoufee 400 times
– Serve Late Night Snacks 300 times
– Serve Spicy Devil Eggs 500 times
– Ask for 14 Photo Albums
– Ask for 14 Vow Renewals
– Ask for 12 Flowers

This time, in order to unlock the new recipe, you must move a little bit faster than with the previous mission as you will only unlock the Golden Anniversary Cake with three or two star ratings. And since you need this cake to complete the Business upgrade III in Cafe World, I think you should do your best to unlock it!