It’s time to finally upgrade your business in Cafe World after all this time, and you’ll do so by completing a new set of three catering orders in the game. The first one is the Business Upgrade I (duuh!) and I am here to share with you all the details about it. So read on this guide to make sure that you make your Cafe World business go boom soon!

We’ll start with the requirements for completing the Business Upgrade I catering order in Cafe World:

– Serve Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 300 times
– Serve Tony’s Classic Pizza 300 times
– Serve Angel Fruit Cake 150 times
– Ask for 10 Trumpets
– Ask for 10 Pianos
– Ask for 12 Crawfish

Interestingly enough, completing the Business Upgrade I catering order will reward us with a new recipe, the Crawfish Etoufee, with any star rating, so finally we don’t have to worry about completing it in time. However, the other rewards for getting the three star rating for this catering order are pretty nice but probably don’t matter as much at this level.

So take your time and enjoy completing the Business Upgrade I catering order with your friends and prepare to complete two more (guide for them coming soon here on Unigamesity).



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