There is a new theme in CityVille – the Brazil theme – and this means that we have a brand new embassy as well. I am here to share with you all the details about the Brazil embassy in this guide and I am sure you will love the new items brought in by this brand new and actually exotic embassy.

Just like the other embassies, the Brazilian one has you collecting passport tickets from your friends (you can also purchase them, but what would be the point of that?) and trade them for some really cool prizes in CityVille. Here is what you can get from the Brazil embassy and the required number of tickets:

– Gomes Gazebo – 58 Passport Stamps
– Serrano House – 60 Passport Stamps
– The Soccer Locker – 105 Passport Stamps
– Sao Paolo Solar Plant – 120 Passport Stamps
– Osasco Opera House – 150 Passport Stamps
– Mendes Mountain Mansion – 210 Passport Stamps

Have in mind that the Brazil embassy in CityVille won’t be introduced by a mission to the game, so make sure that you go and purchase it by yourself, otherwise you might miss these great rewards.