I think that we will all stop doing whatever daily chores we have going and we’ll go straight to FarmVille following the latest update in the game to build the amazing Candy Castle. I don’t know if it’s just that I’m hungry right now, but a Candy Castle does seem like the best idea in the world right now. So I am here to share with you a complete guide to the FarmVille Candy Castle.

Unfortunately, building the new structure is not an easy thing: there are 6 stages that we must complete first, but for a Candy Castle, I am sure we’re ready for some real work. For the first level only we need a pretty solid number of building materials (and you will have to collect even more as the level of the Candy Castle increases):

– 16 Marshmallow Mortars
– 16 Gingerbread Sidings
– 16 Chocolate Bricks

All we know right now about the Candy Castle in FarmVille is that we can collect from it Ice Cream (1 for level one and more as it grows bigger) that will eventually be used in an upcoming event that includes a Giant Sundae. Sounds excitingly sweet!