The Downtown in CityVille is quickly turning into a star magnet and it’s time for the annual Red Carpet Gala, a brand new feature that Zynga cooked up in order for us to get some extra challenges and interaction in the game. I am here to share with you all the details about the Red Carpet Gala in CityVille so read on this guide!

We are talking here about a pretty big feature, that starts as a mini quest series, with the Red Carpet Gala quest coming first and asking you to do the following:

– Place the Red Carpet Gala
– Collect 12 Attendees
– Build 3 Red Carpet Houses

You will get a VIP Limo for completing this goal and the best part is that the Red Carpet Gala does not require any buildables or friends – just energy.

And while you work your way to completing the next 2 quests in this series, there will be some upgrading left to do to the Red Carpet Gala. You will see a screen similar to the one below when you click to start the upgrade:

You will need to get RSVPs from the following guests in order to complete the Upgrade! You can ask your friends for these, and they will add a random guest to your guest list. Also you can purchase the RSVPs with City Cash.

The Build button under each type of Guest (Movie Stars, Reality Stars, and Music Stars) will bring up the build menu. These buildings will also drop RSVPs when you collect from them. The RSVPs Dropped from these buildings will be random.

Be sure to succeed with your Red Carpet Gala in CityVille and you will receive an amazing reward (among others): the Billionaire Yacht!