You’re not always famous in CityVille and good enough for the Red Carpet Gala, but even if you are Almost Famous, you can still enjoy some great benefits. Like the Celebrity Cul de Sac, a new neighborhood that we can expand to and use as our own – a great place for future stars to rest! And I am here to share with you the details about the Almost Famous quest in CityVille, so read on for the requirements.

Here is what you need to do, very basic:

– Expand to the Celebrity Cul de Sac
– Collect RSVPs for the Celebrity Cul de Sac
– Have VIP Guests at your Red Carpet Gala

As I said, it’s pretty easy, especially if you are close to the area of the Celebrity Cul de Sac in CityVille. Enjoy completing the Almost Famous mission!