There are, unfortunately, few things that a Match Three game can improve on or even revolutionize nowadays, but Throne of Olympus that has just been released today certainly manages to make some new wheel turn. First of all, because it sends us in a mystic world where ancient gods of Greece battle one another – therefore, we have a great story to follow – and second because of the God battles themselves which makes things a lot more challenging and exciting.

You will play as Goddess Athena who wants to become the queen of Gods, but first she must prove her skills in front of the other gods – all you’ll have to do will be to keep matching those diamonds and make sure that you defeat the mighty gods. Not an easy task, as you can imagine, but certainly one you’ll enjoy taking part in.

Here’s how the short but rather complete official description of Throne of Olympus sounds like: “Help Athena defeat the other gods and take over the Throne of Olympus in this incredible Match 3 game! Zeus, the king of the Gods, has decided to pass the throne on to the younger gods. After careful consideration, he has finally chosen his daughter, Athena, to become his successor. Help Athena prove that she is worthy of the throne as you battle powerful Olympian Gods, mythical creatures, and claim the Throne of Olympus!”

If it sounds interesting enough for you, head over to Big Fish Games and give Throne of Olympus a try. You will not regret it, for sure!