kin-diamondMetallica will share the virtual stages in the upcoming hero with Grammy nominated King Diamond of Mercyful Fate, who is said to be delighted to be part of the project. And he doesn’t seem to have any height-related complexes like Motorhead’s Lemmy.

“It’s been absolutely amazing to be a part of this Guitar Hero experience. It was quite a trip to re-record the song ‘Evil’ almost 25 years after the original recording took place. The end result with four out of the five original musicians turned out so much better than I would ever have hoped for,” said King Diamond. “Seeing my animated character take form was totally eerie in a very good way. It’s so strange to see yourself animated in such perfect detail – cross bone microphone, Eye necklace and all. This game looks and sounds METAL all the way. HORNS UP!!!”

So, as King Diamond himself said, the Mercyful Fate song featured in Guitar Hero: Metallica is Evil – originally recorded in 1983, was re-recorded now by four of the original five members. We’ll see for ourselves what came out later this year when the game hits the store shelves.