This is a great day for zombie survival fans out there as Project Zomboid got the highly anticipated v2.0 update and I am here to share with you all the details. But I’m sure you already know that we’re talking about smoother graphics, a better control scheme (mouse controls are possible, finally) and a ton of new options.

Here’s a short overview of what we get in Project Zomboid 0.2.0:

The map is now four times as big,
There’s a brand new lighting engine,
Mouse controls,
New NPC interactions,
New weapons,
New crafting recipes,

And much, much more

The game looks now like a different game, Water is part of our daily routine now and the characters can carry even less items than they used to. But in other words it’s probably the best done survival game (because when it comes to zombie survival, it certainly is THE best one).

I am sure you can’t wait to get your hands on the Project Zomboid 2.0 version, so head over to the forums for the download link. The release is still in beta, but you can check it out anyway – and I am sure you want to!

And if you have the patience, here is a “small” 30 minutes-long movie showing you the new game:

What do you think about this latest update for Project Zomboid?