Scrolling Shooter Humans Must Answer Looks Very Promising

Scrolling Shooter Humans Must Answer Looks Very Promising

For many, the side scrolling shooter can’t offer too many new things – after all, it’s such an old genre that also passed its prime, that you can’t expect much from it. But with Humans Must Answer, things look different and I was actually surprised to see how innovative the game was.

Taking the classic horizontal scrolling shooter mechanics to a whole new level, Humans Must Answer comes with puzzle elements that require incredible skills to complete, as well as a very interesting feature: you can place temporary drones, called dron-towers, on the battlefield to help you blast away the enemies and even combine your weapons for a complete destruction.

You can find out all about all these incredible features by watching the Humans Must Answer trailer below:

Unfortunately, Humans Must Answer does not have an exact release date set, but the indie developers SumomGames promise that the game will be released this year. We’ll certainly keep you updated on this project as it clearly looks like one to keep an eye on.