hat_spiderThe PlayStation 3 owners who have purchased Penny Arcade Adventures: On The Rainslick Precipice Of Darkness: Episode 2 are not too happy right now, since the game is bugged and different errors prevent players from finishing the title. The good news is that the developers know about the problem and have a patch ready, which only has to pass Sony’s QA.

However, it’s not that easy, since it appears that the Sony employees are in a short vacation, which means that the second episode of the Penny Arcade series won’t be fixed too soon. And that’s not good since the errors in this game are really deal breakers, especially that reported save game bug which makes it impossible for players to load a saved file. Other reported errors refer to game settings not being saved, but that would’ve been easier to handle by the community.

The strange thing regarding these errors that only occurred on the PS3 versions of the game is the fact that this specific version was released after the PC and Xbox 360 one, so one would’ve assumed that it’s certainly error and bug free. Strange things happen in the gaming world, let me tell you that!