takedownWhat a great way to start the first Monday of 2009! Archive Games, a recently released website with an impressive mission – to offer indie developers the chance of selling and promoting their games – has announced that three independent games are available for download, completely free! And you know what people say: if you start the year with freebies, you’ll have a great year ahead!

The three indie titles can be downloaded right away from Archive Games’ official website, but if you want to know a bit about them first, we have a few details:

Overflow is the first title you can download and if you do so you’ll get yourself a really cool puzzler in which you control… the flow of water! Using your mouse and a steady hand, draw bridges and barriers to divert and block the onslaught of water. So if you enjoy playing physics games (such as Fantastic Contraption, for example), Overflow is a must download for you!

Space Pizza, the second title you can get for free turns you into a delivery boy with a single mission: within a given period of time, you have to deliver the order while avoiding the obstacles ahead. Sounds easy? Try and check for yourself if it indeed is!

Take Down Online – a MMO which focuses on combat (and is still in development) is the third game which can be downloaded for free. The game offers lots of goodies, including the chance of driving vehicles and helicopters and, just like all good MMOs, it is team-based!

And if these are still not enough for you, just browse through the Archive Games website and take a look at the other free games offered. Happy new year!