Prepare for some retro gaming!If you’re one of those people who get really excited if they see some pixelated images, you should be very happy with Aksys Games who decided to bring back to life the 80s with a Nintendo Wii exclusive game, Bit.Trip Beat. We’ll get a retro universe, a hero named Commander Video and lots of ways to test our skills.

So, Bit.Trip Beat promises to bring back the classic arcade-style gameplay where getting the high score matters. Also the game sports a unique retro-inspired art style that will stimulate your senses, accompanied by some old school 8-Bit music! It’s not all retro, though, as visuals will still be up to date and up to four players will be able to experience Bit.Trip Beat’s multiplayer. Interesting.

“ Bit.Trip Beat is a crazy mix of 80s aesthetics and modern game design,” states Michael Manzanares, Producer of Aksys Games. “It’s challenging, yet fair, and completely addicting.” Still, it’s not yet released and no exact date was given. But we’ll keep our eyes wide open for this one and keep you updated!