nss-2010-smalllogoNew Star Games will be soon releasing a brand new New Star Soccer game, one that promises to add loads of improvements and goodies into play. Also, there are loads of special offers kicking in and you can even get the game completely free of charge!

But first things first. What is New Star Soccer 2010, some might ask. Well, a good start to learn a bit about the game would be to read my New Star Soccer 4 review and notice just how cool the game is! If you’re to lazy to do so, then let me sum things up: NSS is a great football (as in soccer) simulation game that gives you control of one single player whose career lays solely in your hands. Play, train and improve your skills, move to better clubs and become a legend – that’s what a New Star Soccer game lets you do.

New Star Soccer 2010 will be released on November 6th and the developer already has a bunch of goodies in store: If you have already purchased New Star Soccer 4 then you can update to 2010 for FREE on Friday, November 6th. New customers can use the coupon code IWANTNSS2010 and save 50% when purchasing the game. (The coupon is valid from today so you can purchase NSS4 now then update to NSS2010 next week!) Now that’s something that I call a “great deal”!

Especially since New Star Soccer 2010 promises to bring us a better looking game with a new match camera (similar to that of the original FIFA game), a faster database (updated for the 2009-2010 season) and lots of tweaks and improvements. It’s certainly worth a try, so keep your eyes on the New Star Games website!