awesome-soccerAs you probably know already, I am a big fan of indie games. And if these games happen to be sports-related, it’s even better. Therefore, I am really pleased to hear that a new soccer game has been released: Awesome Soccer, created by the one-man studio Red27 Studios. Awesome, right?

It seems so: Awesome Soccer has an amazing retro-feeling, more than those great soccer titles we used to play on arcades and maybe a little bit like Sensible World of Soccer – probably all games that come with a top down perspective look and feel a little bit like SWOS. Of course, we expect just a bit more from the game and it appears that it might deliver.

Peter Cox, the developer of the game, said: “An interesting fact is that the game has been mainly developed on a laptop whilst sat next to my other half as she watched the myriad of Reality TV Shows like “I’m a Celebrity”, “Britain’s Got Talent”, “Big Brother” and “X Factor”!! So much so, I’ve actually considered thanking the shows in the credits…” Really funny!

I am installing Awesome Soccer as we speak, so expect a full review in just a couple of days. Until then, you can check out the game for yourself or watch an awesome trailer: