megaman-diabloAs it usually happens when you mix two amazingly popular products (see the Doomablo mod as another example), Megaman mixed with the original Doom is unbelievably fun and you should give it a try right away. We’re talking about Megaman 8-Bit Deathmatch, still work in progress (currently in Alpha), but highly playable for a few minutes, before you get a horrible headache.

So what is Megaman 8-Bit Deathmatch, anyway? According to its creator, CutmanMike, the game “will play as if Megaman suddenly turned 3D. Everything will play as if it was being played back in 1987. Levels will use purely 8-bit textures and sprites. Megaman will jump high and take damage recoil. Weapons will behave exactly as they did back then, only from a 3d perspective. The plan is to eventually have all the levels and weapons from Megaman 1-6 (and maybe 9)“

As the name suggests, this mod should be played in deathmatch mode only and already looks like a great idea. It’s very old school and retro, which is also a great thing, but it can get you dizzy after a few minutes, especially because of that insane head bobbing. But, as I said, Megaman 8-Bit Deathmatch is still in alpha and the final version will certainly look and feel a lot better. For more details about this mod, check out Mike’s official website. Or simply take a look at the video below: