doomabloI don’t know if many of you ever thought about it – I didn’t until now – but what do you think would happen if you mix two of the most successful games ever: Diablo and Doom? Doom: Fall of Mars would happen, or Doomablo as many of us are starting to call this little jewel that should’ve hit the internet years ago!

Created by If Software and spotted by tumeroks, DOOM: FoM is an RPG set in the classic world of Doom. You will fight many demons through the UAC facilities on Mars to the depths of Hell, according to the creator and the screenshot proves that he’s right. And the image also proves that the overall experience will be really entertaining, don’t you think?

The game can be downloaded and played for free, although as the creator himself warns, it’s more of a concept than a game yet. But, hey! If you wish to see the results of mixing Diablo and Doom, you can give the game a try and come back later to get the full version. I’ve watched the video on If Software’s website and I sure loved it. A really nice game this Doom: Fall of Mars!