ninionIt’s been a while since I wrote about a new game developed for the Wii console and today is the day when I will right the wrongs by giving you a few details about an upcoming platform game, Minon: Everyday Hero developed by Nordcurrent, an up and rising indie publisher with plans to offer the best quality to players.

“Even though we’re a young company, Nordcurrent are continually striving to bring titles to market that are unique, fun and expressive” said Alexander Bravve, MD of Nordcurrent. “Minon: Everyday Hero contains the same imaginative features and quirky nuances that give other Japanese titles their unique gameplay characteristics, and really takes the player to a world unlike any other. Nordcurrent, as a publisher, is focused on bringing something different to the publishing party and Minon: Everyday Hero fits this remit perfectly.”

In other words, we’re talking about a platform game developed exclusively for the Nintendo Wii “unlike any other”. The publishers did not bother to give any further details on the product – except for the release date – April 24 and price £29.99. We can’t buy a game we know nothing about, can we? So unfortunately I failed today – I didn’t come with a new and exciting news regarding an upcoming Wii title…


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