the-pathDo you feel the need for some horror action this weekend? Then you could purchase The Path, and indie horror game, for just $10 and prepare a spare pair of pants, since you might wet the ones you’re wearing! And don’t let the game’s initial story fool you – it’s horror and it’s intense, as developer Tale of Tales promise.

The Path is inspired by Little Red Riding Hood and follows the journeys of six girls sent to their grandmother’s house, one by one. Alone on the errand, exploration of the forest soon tempts the girls (no surprise here!), but the big bad wolf is also tempted to have a feast. Your job? To survive, obviously.

Tale of Tales describes their game as “a calm and introverted computer game that finds itself a cosy place in the dark corners of your soul”. Therefore, you don’t need the fastest fingers in the world in order to enjoy the game, which is always a great thing! Add to that some incredibly well looking screenshots, available on The Path’s official website, and you might have a real quality surprise here.