stalinvsmartians-screenTen years ago I would’ve laughed my arse out if I heard the term “arcade RTS” but today, in our gaming world dominated by casual games and gamers, it makes complete sense. It might also be fun, so it’s not a biggie for hardcore players too. We’ll just have to check out Mezmer Games’ Stalin vs. Martians arcade RTS, which will hit stores on April 20.

Described as a “blazingly fast real-time strategy game”, Stalin vs. Martians was developed by three indie studios working together: Black Wing Foundation, Dreamlore and N-Game, making it one of the most impressive independent projects ever. So will it be successful? It appears so!

Tom Söderlund, executive producer at Mezmer Games, explains: “One contributing factor to the success could be the high level of historical accuracy, that is completely missing from the game.”

So at least humor won’t be missing from Stalin vs. Martians. I’m looking forward to the title, and probably you do the same. I’ll keep you updated if I find out more about this arcade RTS.