zatikon-menuI guess it’s been quite a while since I offered you the chance to download and play a free strategy game, but things are about to change now: Zatikon has been released by Chronic Logic and it is (joy, joy!) a free to play turn based strategy that can be downloaded here and played right away.

The game, more of a tactics title than a regular turn based strategy, is an online multiplayer one featuring over 30 unique units, each with different spells and abilities, units that can be mixed together as you wish, resulting in limitless numbers of tactics you can develop. So, after all, Zatikon lets you do, for free, quite a lot of things: create your army, build your strategy and compete against others in online play. However, don’t expect to get the latest and best visuals you have ever seen. On the contrary…

However, since Zatikon includes online player ranking and several game types including co-op, single player, and random army vs. mode and it is constantly being updated with new features and units, the game is really a great find, especially for those who love tactics and TBS titles. So why not give it a try on its official website and see for yourself if it’s worth your time or not?


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