braidOne thing we’ve kind of missed here at Unigamesity is Easter eggs – but this doesn’t mean that there are no cool ones out there. Take the PC version of Braid, for example: it was recently confirmed by the title’s developer himself that there’s a hidden level editor somewhere there. Pretty cool, right?

Jonathan Blow posted on the Steam forums a message stating that he will release details about the editor at a later date: “Yeah, after I get a new version out in a few days that fixes the problems some people are having, and when more people have played/finished the game, I am going to post some documentation for the editor,” he said.

The even better thing is that Braid’s level editor, according to Blow, can be used to create up to a full game and soon a tool that allows photoshop images to be uploaded will be released. Which kind of makes this version a winner over the other ones… so if you’re interested in testing the Braid level editor, check out the messages on the Steam forums and check back for the update.