star-trek-dac-screenWe knew about the existence of a Star Trek D-A-C game for quite a while, but we had very few details on it. Today, Paramount and developers Naked Sky Entertainment have decided to officially announce the game, offer us some details and let us know that we?ll be able to purchase and play it this May, most likely soon after the release of the new Star Trek Film.

So Star Trek: D-A-C will be a top down arcade shooter that apparently focuses mostly on multiplayer and co-op battles, providing fast paced action, lots of enemies to blast away and overall tons of fun.

?The upcoming ?Star Trek? film has ignited interest among a new generation of fans as well as longtime fans of the original,? said Tom Lesinski, President Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment. ?With that same goal in mind, Star Trek: D-A-C was designed to appeal to ?Star Trek? fans and gamers alike. The pick up and play arcade-style game play lets fans take the command and boldly go!?

Star Trek: D-A-C will allow gamers to control a variety of ships and pitch battles between the Starfleet and the Romulan Empire. Up to 12 players can compete in team combat, enjoying one of the three classic game types: Team DeathMatch, Assault and Conquest. Players can choose from three ship types for each faction, including the new U.S.S. Enterprise, which should round-up a quality product for fans of the series.

Star Trek: D-A-C will be released in May for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.