zombiedriverThe zombie splattering game I’ve told you about a short while ago, Zombie Driver, has gone live and you can now blast your way through armies of zombies without the fear of having to pay for repairs on your car – that’s what your sponsors do!

Created by indie developers Exor Studios, Zombie Driver mixes a classic top-down camera view with plenty of speed, explosions and free-roaming carnage to boot. It also has a story behind, and we should always appreciate that in a game where story is the least that matters:

A disastrous chemical accident turns the population of a city into brain-munching monsters. The neighborhood is being quarantined and you, a driver, are one of the few survivors stuck in there. With the military busy looking for a cure, they start asking you to pick up the remaining survivors and bring them to safety – and kill as many zombies as possible while you’re at it! Shouldn’t be a problem, thanks to the use of break-neck speeds, swooping turns, zombie limbs flying everywhere and mega weapons mounted on your vehicles to blast them back to the grave – including rocket launchers and dual railguns.

If customisation is your thing, why not try creating the carnage garage of your dreams. Zombie Driver comes with 6 different cars to choose from and upgrade in 9 different ways, all with weapons to attach and upgrade. Style is the name of the game here, and thanks to a dynamic combo system, you’re rewarded for being creative and sending the zombies to hell with a swagger!

The game can be purchased from Steam and it only costs £6.99.