zombie-driver-screenWe’ve had a fair share of zombie games recently and, even though the little brain lovers are now faster and way more un-cool than the “classic” zombies who were slow and stupid, we still love them. Right?

If the answer was “Yes” then you’ll be pretty pleased to hear that a new zombie game is being developed – Zombie Driver and indie top down shooter (kind of) game that involves driving a car, smashing loads of zombies and not being one. Which is always nice.

Developed by Polish developer Exor Studios, Zombie Driver is described as an “action driving game with a top down perspective and a dynamic helicopter chase camera.” Apparently, we’ll be on a rescue mission, trying to find the remaining survivors, but we’ll also be allowed to roam freely through the streets in search for power-ups, upgrades and more zombies.

The game looks like a remake of the classic GTA games, with better visuals, cooler cars and, obviously, zombies. You probably are not allowed to get out of one car and start driving another (which is a pity), but you can buy all sorts of weapons and rocket launchers for your own car, which is amazing. So in the end, Zombie Driver might be fun.

Until it gets released (by digital distribution) next month, let’s watch the game’s trailer below:


  1. This looks pretty cool; I’m all for different types of zombie killing games; (I can’t get enough of them and waiting for L4D 2 and the second wave of free custom made maps for Killing Floor to be released)

    However, this idea has already been done with the game clutch. (available on Steam) The viewpoint is slightly different, but there doesn’t seem to be anything new with this game. (unless you haven’t shown us everything it has to offer) Clutch has more to it such as a demolition derby game as well. I will still buy this though as I’m a bit of a kleptmaniac.

    The graphics look great and there’s enough blood to satify the most blood thirsty of us. :D



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