grappling-hook-screenFirst person point of view and platformer – a twist that was until now only available as a short video (completely unrelated with today’s game but still cool) and made us all go “Wow… how sad!” Starting today, our wildest dreams become reality thanks to Grappling Hook, a first person platformer/puzzler created by one-man indie developer Speedrun Games (aka Christian Teister).

As the name suggests, Grappling Hook centers around (drum-rolls and suspense…) the almighty grappling hook! And some strange space station (or world or whatever) filled with green walls and orange walls and regular walls and lots of electricity. Your goal? Twist your fingers, jump around in the house of pain and get over each and every obstacles.

Speaking of which, here are the numbers: 22 unique levels, 30 achievements for the most daring and 176 challenges to be won. Grappling Hook looks intense and hot and it only costs $20.

However, if the developer’s words are not enough, and neither are those of the other fans of this innovative first person platformer/puzzler, you can head over to the game’s web page and download the demo and give it a try. Or you can watch the amazing gameplay trailer below and wait a little longer until I’ll post a full review of Grappling Hook and let you know how cool it is. Or maybe just do all of these altogether and have fun!