free-spacesciI guess that we can all agree that there’s nothing better than a good ol’ quality game offered for free. Fortunately, Shrapnel Games share our view and decided to offer one of their hit games, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, completely free of charge.

“Up until now if one wanted to see the birth of the Infinite Space universe a monetary transaction was involved but those days are now over! Digital Eel, in their bid to attain Beatles-like popularity in the indie gaming world, has now made Strange Adventures in Infinite Space available for FREE,” says the announcement and a few random giggles can be heard, while a huge dude screams “Yeeey!” and faints as if he was attending a MJ concert.

As the title suggests, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is a sci-fi space strategy/tactics game in which you have to explore a randomly created universe, meet aliens, acquire artifacts in the name of scientific progress and stellar manifest destiny. Each game session is rather short – about 20 minutes, but the replay value is high and the fun should never end. Especially since it’s all free.

So head over to the Shrapnel Games website, download and play Strange Adventures in Infinite Space for free!