tactical-intervention-screenignThe creator of Counter Strike, one of the most popular mods in the world (if not the most popular), is working on a new first person shooter game which is due by the end of the year. That’s what I call a well-kept secret!

Minh Le is the name of the creator who left Valve after they asked him to do a CS sequel, and now he’s leading a small, indie development team somewhere in South Korea and they’re working on a title called Tactical Intervention.

The game won’t be too different in concept compared to Counter Strike (which will probably be the biggest problem with the game), but there are still some innovations planned, like the introduction of civilians in the levels, as well as guard dogs which can be used to stun other players. Although I do hope that a headshot is a viable alternative…

Also, according to IGN who saw a small presentation of Tactical Intervention, the game will be much faster than Counter Strike and snipers/campers won’t be such a big problem anymore. We don’t know exactly how is that possible, but with rounds that are said to last about two minutes each, I tend to believe that camping will no longer be a problem…

“I just want to make a game that’s a lot of fun for people to play; something that’s not complicated,” said Minh. Let’s hope that he manages to do that once more with Tactical Intervention. I, for one, can hardly wait to see the final product – most likely by the end of the year.


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