gamebiz2It seems easy, from the outside, to develop games. We criticize them a lot and we’re rarely satisfied with the results. But how do the people creating games feel? How hard is it to create top quality games, to develop the best software and become number 1? This is what GameBiz 2, a completely free to play game tries to tell us.

And it manages to do it in a quite fashionable manner, even though it’s just text we’re seeing (except for the few animations in the main window). Practically, at first, I was tempted to believe that GameBiz 2 was actually to make me lose just to understand how tough surviving and competing in the industry really is. But in the end, I saw that I was just playing it the wrong way and on a way too difficult setting. Very Easy is now my friend.

You start in 1980, when the computer and video games industry is just starting and you have 26 years to become the best company in the world. For that, you will have to develop game engines for specific genres, create games and even buy your own console manufacturing company. In other words, be an active part of the industry we all love so much. And everything completely free of charge – unlike it usually happens nowadays.

GameBiz 2 doesn’t really manage to offer too many choices and an incredible complexity, and it also seems to lack depth, but it’s an indie title and the budget was certainly close to zero, so we should be appreciative. If you want to see more and give it a go with the games industry for real, go on and download for free GameBiz 2. And have fun!