aciondoom2What would you say about playing a game that promises to bring Contra gameplay into the world of Doom? Don’t you hurry to say “bring it on!” yet, as there’s more from Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl, a really impressive standalone project that simply manages to take you into a completely brand new world where Max Payne seems to meet the Sin City setting. Now you can say “bring it on!”

And let me give you the great news: Action Doom 2 is completely free for download, free to play! And according to its official description, you “will fight dozens of new enemies, using over 15 new weapons to beat the life out of them. Fight across 9 brand new levels, choosing between numerous paths and decisions, each vastly changing the outcome of the game”. Sounds pretty cool for a free to play first person shooter, right?

Action Doom 2 also focuses more on close ranged combat – with cool weapons like a chainsaw, nailed baseball bats and even a great fire extinguisher that turns your enemies into ice cubes that can be easily spread to pieces with one hit. Simply amazing!

The visuals are cartoony and you will indeed feel like playing with Max Payne in a Sin City setting. At least that’s how it felt for me (especially because of the voice acting and partly because of the story itself). However, expect to fight against scantly dressed chicks and punks and even more chicks. 100% fun, guaranteed and completely free.

If you want to test Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl for yourself, hit the link and have fun!