leylines-mapviewIf you’re searching for a solid turn based strategy game, search no more! Today’s free for download game, Leylines, is certainly what you need to get your fix. It might not look as good as the latest Heroes of Might and Magic game, but at least it does a great job in challenging you and offering tons of tactical and approach options.

Leylines, developed by indie developer Crystalshard, is a fantasy turn based strategy game that challenges you to turn your starting city into the capital of a fledging empire: recruit troops (ovrr 50 different types), use magic and brute force against the enemies and plan your commerce carefully because otherwise you will fail. Add to that some pretty great looking fantasy girls in different screens, and you will have everything you could wish for in a TBS game. And all of this is completely free of charge!

Also, Leylines comes with a scenario editor that basically turns the free game into a “forever young” one as you can download scenarios made by fans or even create your own quests. Multiplayer is also a feature of the game – either in hot seat action for up to eight players, or with a “play by e-mail” method. Now that brings back some memories…

All you have to do now is to follow the link to the download page of Leylines and give this great turn based strategy a try right away! Have fun!