cedric-and the revolutionUnfortunately, the classic and impressively funny point and click adventures are dead for a long time already (at least as mainstream products) and that’s sad, because kids nowadays might get to think that being funny might mean poking somebody’s face or throwing up after a night of bar hopping. Fortunately, the indie developers tend to try and keep the genre alive with quality, free for download releases. So two good things in one – it can’t get better!

Cedric and the Revolution is such a game: an impressive point and click adventure that runs in an “impressive” 640×460 screen resolution, but it’s so charmingly funny and well done that you won’t care. You won’t even notice that there are no sound effects (because, as the developer himself admits, didn’t have the time to insert them) and the visuals are not competing for the “best of the year” award.

But, as we all used to say back in the days, it’s the gameplay that matters and Cedric and the Revolution wins the war here. It’s funny, it’s intuitive, the puzzles are not obscenely difficult but not for idiots either and overall the experience is great. Just imagine that your characters – a huge blacksmith and a short legged wannabe blacksmith’s apprentice – decide to start a revolution against the king because the tax rates are too high. From here to tons of laughing there’s just a small step…

And that step can be easily taken by clicking here and hitting the download button of today’s amazing free adventure title, Cedric and the Revolution. Have fun!