pioneering-westIndie developers The History Forge have just released the first episode in an upcoming series of life sim games Pioneering. Titled Pioneering: Explore the Early American West, the game is set in an open world setting and, as the name suggests, lets you “live” during the American revolution and see how tough it was back then when there were no computers and laptops. And even though this is just in my head, Pioneering: Explore the Early American West makes me remember the fun yet highly popular The Oregon Trail. There might be some similarities.

From marriage to property ownership, from war to Indian relations, the Pioneering series will bring the world of the frontier to life in a way like no other. And for a limited period of time, the first episode, Explore the Early American West will be available for just $6. Cheapo!

Pioneering: Explore the Early American West is the first in an episodic series of open world adventures each offering around 2-4 hours of game play. It is set during the chaotic and historically significant days of the American Revolution and features, in addition to its core game play, an authentic world developed from documentary sources which even includes quotes from firsthand accounts of the old, old west. Unlike other computer games that seek to create interactive versions of movies based upon history, The History Forge instead aims at producing a catalog of accessible, fun to play titles that instead give players some sense of the actual history of their given periods, not the myths that have developed around them. Moral choices, optional quests, marriage, and warfare are all features of Pioneering: Explore the Early American West that supplement and give depth to the history that underpins this easy to pick up role playing adventure.

In addition to the main game, a free demo has been launched on The History Forge’s website. Also, you can check out the game’s trailer below before making a decision: