westbangGames from the 8 bit era are still charming because, even though aeons away from the complexity offered by today’s computer games, they still manage to be fun an intense. Unfortunately, playing the games from the 8-bit era is quite difficult nowadays with our powerful computers and such.

Fortunately, there are developers who love to bring back to life old games and offer us a chance to enjoy them once more. Westbang is such a title brought back to life by 300AD and here’s what it offers, completely free of charge:

“- animated movie like introduction
– 25 missions with the story of a noname man who became a legend. Try your skills in campaign, from an easy beginning to a total carnage in final fight for 500 000$, that the biggest railway company stored in the bank for the wages for their workmen
– meet over 20 characters and see if you can face hordes of cheap street roughnecks or lone but damn quick profi killers
– watch the smashing intro that will remind you the atmosphere of an old western movies and listen to a cool music score
– secret level made for men who have a little bit cruel sense of humour”

So if you want some free action, you should really head over to the 300AD website and download Westbang for free. It will be fun for a few minutes and it will certainly bring back some sweet memories!