leand-and-gold-screenshotLead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West might not be a game you’ve heard too much about lately, but it’s certainly a promising third person shooter title set in the wild west (like… duuh!) that promises to have a word to say in the already crowded world of shooters. Fortunately, for those who don’t believe something like that is possible, we have a Q&A session from Swedish developers Fatshark to prove you that changes and goodies can still exists.

What’s the general idea behind Lead & Gold?
Lead and Gold – Gangs of the Wild West is all about class based team play shooter action. We have strived to create a game that’s not just slapping on a TDM sticker on a map and then watch the players run around and kill each other without a plan, we actually tried to create game modes and reward systems that encourage player cooperation in several aspects of the game play.

Lead and Gold is also about being easy to access for the console audience but in the same time be able to meet the specific demands of the PC gamers.

Team based multiplayer? Please describe some key elements, such as classes, objectives and team interaction.
Not only are the playable characters designed to entice team co-operation, but the game modes, levels and game design as a whole are all focused on team play . A premium example is the use of Synergy effects that boosts players in their respective areas of expertise when they choose to stick together as a team.

Is this a kind of Battlefield 1943, only in the West?
No, not really. We have obviously looked at the Battlefield series to see what we can use from it in our game since it is an excellent multiplayer game. But we would be well off target if we just tried to clone their concept. We have a totally different take on the game modes, the pacing of the games and the role of the player class. Besides that, we are a third person shooter.

We saw in the announcement trailer some buildings being blasted into slivers, is there support for dynamic environment in the game?
There are several game modes where destructible structures and objects play a central part of the mission objectives. Besides that, several environment features in the maps are dynamic and powder kegs can be used to blow up lots of different pieces of architecture, to make it easier for your team or harder for your enemies.

Expect to see Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West released sometime this Winter.