renault-trucks-racingRenault Trucks seem to be made for racing and I’m sure you’ll love driving these “little” giants on the tracks, completely free of charge, in Truck Racing, a full next-gen racing game offered for free by Renault.

The game appears to be still in an early beta stage (the downloadable version is 0.26) so you might encounter a bug here and there, but I am sure you’ll soon forget about them all, especially after you’ll see the high quality visuals and the amount of realism offered by Truck Racing.

If you don’t believe me, maybe the game’s official description will do the trick: “Drive the 1100 hp Renault Premiun DXi13 against 15 opponents endowed with an awesome artificial intelligence. Accessible to all with ultra realistic driving, Truck Racing by Renault Trucks asserts itself as the most exciting truck racing game ever made.”

The game has some relatively high system requirements, but since you don’t have to pay a single penny to play it, I think you should download it and give it a try anyway. In order to download Truck Racing completely free of charge and play it for free, head over to the Renault Trucks website and click on the image in the lower left corner on the game’s cover where it’s written “Telecharger le jeu video”.

And have fun driving the Renault Trucks!