death-rallyInitially released in 1996, Death Rally has just been re-released by Remedy Entertainment as a free download with updated support for Windows XP, Vista and 7. So if you were feeling that it’s some violence that’s missing from your life, things will be solved once you’ll download this small but mean racing game, completely free of charge!

If you have never heard of this Death Rally thing, maybe the official description will manage to give you an idea:

“Death Rally is an addictive top-down racing game where defensive driving means annihilating your opponents. You’ll become ravenous for the power and glory that comes with being the best at Death Rally, but first you must pay your dues. Put the pedal to the metal and smash, blast and obliterate the competition, to earn the chance to face the undefeated master, “The Adversary.” Win Races, make deals with loan sharks and mob bosses to get the cash you need to build the ultimate battle racing machine. Remember, no trick is too dirty in your savage quest for the checkered flag. And keep the pedal to the metal!”

Basically a top-down racing game in which your only goal is to win races (in order to win money and buy better weapons), Death Rally can be downloaded from the official website of Remedy Entertainment, FREE of charge. So have fun!