Grappling Hook Gets Eight More Levels

Grappling Hook Gets Eight More Levels

grappling-hook-new-levelsIf you loved the great indie puzzler Grappling Hook as much as I did, then you should be really pleased to hear that extra levels have been released to test your skills even more, plus a level editor that will allow you to create your own levels and basically turn the game into a never-ending experience!

The update brings Grappling Hook to version 1.06 and there are a few other minor changes as well, the most important being:

– background-size of all on-screen-messages fits now to the amount of text
– fixed a bug, that prevented the game running on 64 bit machines
– the developer-mode can be enable in the game options. There will be also a hint in the HUD, when it is enabled.

But of course, the most important changes are the the addition of the eight extra levels and the new level editor. Apparently, you will have to download again the whole game to get the update (there doesn’t seem to be a patch or something), but at least you won’t have to pay a penny if you already have the game. So head over to Grappling Hook’s official website and bring in some extra challenge!

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Grappling Hook has a nice arcade style feel to it and the game play is awesome. It’s nice seeing an indie developer creating a high quality & addictive game.