secretsofdavinciItalian artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci managed to get back in the spotlight thanks to Dan Brown, so it’s not a big surprise to see that the world of computer gaming also follows the man and his secrets/mysteries. The latest title to do so, available now on Big Fish Games is The Secrets of Da Vinci, an adventure game that will certainly put your logic at test.

The official description says it all about the game:

“After Leonardo Da Vinci`s death, many of his notes and sketches were left to Francesco Melzi, his friend and heir. When a very important codex goes missing, a mysterious patron of the arts hires Valdo, a former apprentice of Melzi`s, to find The Secrets of Da Vinci! Explore the mysterious Cloux Manor and discover some of the art world and history`s greatest secrets!”

There are lots of puzzles to be solved in The Secrets of Da Vinci, most of them quite challenging, but certainly enjoyable. Add to the mix some great graphics and a truly immersive atmosphere and you’ll have the perfect recipe for a great adventure. One you’ll hopefully be able to finish on your own.

If you’re curious about The Secrets of Da Vinci, click here to go to Big Fish Games to learn more!