bassIf you’re one of the folks who consider that they don’t do adventure games as they used to (like I do), you have a chance to re-live the classic moments thanks to the release of two great point and click adventure games to all gamers who want to try them: Beneath A Steel Sky and Lure of the Temptress. The best part? These games are completely free!

If you want to get them (and you should do so, since they are classic!), you must go the the Good Old Games website and… start downloading!

Beneath A Steel Sky is an adventure title developed in 1994 by Revolution Software (creators of the Broken Sword series) which puts the players in the shoes of Robert Foster, a simple guy fighting for survival in a very strange world, an “urban hell” as developers describe it themselves.

Lure of the Temptress is developed by the same company, but it was originally released two years earlier than BaSS, in 1992. The game presents a fantasy world attacked by some ruthless mercenaries controlled by Selena, the Temptress and challenges you with a simple quest: to save the day. Or it’s not that simple? You can find out for yourself if you download the game for free.

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